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Clearance Certificate After Debt Review

We understand the challenges facing average-income households and have seen what a positive difference Debt Review can make. Our expert team aims to simplify the removal of Debt Review from your name efficiently and affordably. Once you’ve successfully repaid your debt, you should be issued with a Debt Clearance Certificate, but delays do occur and in some instances, individuals are wrongly listed and do not receive a Debt Review Certificate. In situations like these, your credit status should not have to suffer, and neither should you.

Let Clear Me Now ensure a specialized Debt Clearance Service that benefits you. We can navigate the complex legalities around debt removal, from having your Debt Review listing cleared from your account to presenting you with our Debt Clearance Certificate. You can finally celebrate the results you’ve worked so hard to achieve, without worrying about your credit status. Governed by Section 87(1) (a) of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005, the Debt Review removal process is completely legal and can be overseen by a registered Debt Counsellor, after a thorough evaluation of your circumstances.

Our team approaches each case professionally, to clear your name and give you back the freedom in your finances that you have earned. Our services include the removal of Debt Review and the removal of Debt Counselling, and we can also help you with ITC Clearance and the removal of defaults and judgments from your name. Debt Clearance restores your quality of life and allows you to enjoy the benefits that come with having a better credit score.

While debt takes so much away, Credit Clearance is your reward for succeeding in overcoming your financial obstacles. Look forward to a balanced life where you are cleared of debt for good, and start making plans for your family’s future, while feeling confident in your financial standing.

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