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With so many important things in life impacted by our finances, it is easy to understand the significance of a good credit score. At Clear Me Now, we’re well versed on the debt crises facing South Africa, and our team is dedicated to helping you Clear Debt Review and judgments from your credit profile so that you can stop worrying and start living.

Your end to debt should feel like a victory since you’ve taken the time and made the effort to undergo Debt Review. After the Debt Review process has been successfully completed and you have paid all the associated costs to your Debt Counsellor, they will be responsible for presenting you with your Debt Review Certificate, which sets the wheels in motion for credit bureaus to remove the “under debt review” flag which appears on the front page of your credit report. To Clear Debt Review, you also need to be on track with mortgage repayments, if you own property.

There are numerous advantages to bettering your credit score, which can only be done if all judgments are off your name and you Clear Debt Review as well. For a start, you will be granted better approval rates when applying for a loan, credit card, or store card. The better your credit score is, the less your debt will cost you, as you will also qualify for better interest rates and better repayment terms. Other benefits of having a good credit score include easier landlord approval if you’re a prospective tenant and more power to negotiate with creditors.

At Clear Me Now, our team works according to your best interests in alignment with the National Credit Act (NCA), to Clear Debt Review legally and correctly. If a few weeks have passed after you’ve completed Debt Review and you have not received your Debt Review Clearance Certificate, it is already considered a delay. If more than 21 days have passed and the Debt Review listing still shows on your credit report, it is possible that you need to take action. Make sure to save your credit report check for the right time, as you can only access it for free once a year.

Clear Debt Review and dispute incorrect information that is holding you back from enjoying your life after debt. Debt Review should enable struggling consumers to better their circumstances, and having your name cleared from Debt Review is one of the highlights. There is no reason you should be held back by negative listings that don’t belong on your credit report. Contact Clear Me Now today for a personalized, effective solution.

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