Debt Review Clearance Certificate

An astounding number of South African consumers, regardless of their income bracket, have faced serious debt issues which led them to their Debt Review journeys. Thanks to the National Credit Act (NCA), individuals who are over-indebted can restore their finances through the Debt Review service. After you’ve done the hard work and made all the necessary payments to clear your debt through this process, you should be issued a Debt Review Clearance Certificate.

While there are numerous instances which may contribute to not receiving your certificate after Debt Review, the general rule is that your Debt Counsellor should ensure you’re issued your Debt Review Clearance Certificate once all debts are paid. If you’ve remained in regular communication with your Debt Counsellor, it is unlikely that you’ll find yourself in a position where you’re not issued your certificate. It is important to note that the timeframe for receiving your Debt Review Clearance Certificate and having the Debt Review flag removed from your name varies, but all in all should not exceed 2 months, as long as you meet all requirements.

When can you get your Debt Review Clearance Certificate? As long as all your unsecured debt is paid off in full, your mortgage and long-term agreement payments are being honoured, and you have paid all your debt counselling fees, you meet the legal criteria. You, your creditors and the relevant credit bureaus should all be issued copies of your Debt Review Clearance Certificate so that you can start rebuilding your credit score. While it is the responsibility of your Debt Counsellor to submit this certificate, there are times when this is not the case and problems occur.

At Clear Me Now, we’re here to help you get the Debt Review Clearance Certificate you’ve rightfully earned. Our team can also dispute listings on your credit report that are not accurate, and aim to ensure your credit report is an accurate representation, that serves to present you in the best possible way. Once you’ve come through the Debt Review process successfully, the Debt Review flag should be removed from your profile, while your payment history remains and will reflect for 2 years. You can count on us to help with the detailed and correct administration of your Debt Review Clearance Certificate.

Your Debt Review Clearance Certificate represents the successful overcoming of your debts and signifies a new chapter in your financial life. If for any reason you are struggling to contact your Debt Counsellor or feel you are unfairly denied your Debt Review Clearance Certificate, you can get in touch with Clear Me Now. We make it our mission to get your credit score restored.

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