How to remove the Debt Review Status in South Africa

How to remove the Debt Review Status in South Africa

The joy of overcoming your debts can be overshadowed by problems with Debt Review Clearance from your credit profile. The truth is, even with the efforts you’ve made to recover your financial stability, nothing is final until your credit report reflects that your debts have been repaid. Many individuals face uncertainty about the steps that follow Debt Review, which should not be the case.

At Clear Me Now, we offer a service to clear your name from Debt Review, giving our clients the chance to enjoy life and move on after repaying their owed debts. While it is not an immediate process, the Debt Review status should be removed from your credit profile relatively quickly after your Debt Counsellor presents you with your Debt Clearance Certificate. If more than a week passes and you’re not issued this certificate (form 19), this could be a red flag signaling some delay or wrongdoing on their behalf.

When to approach Clear Me Now for Assistance

The quicker you address any issues relating to the removal of the Debt Review status on your name, the better. Since it shouldn’t take longer than 21 days for credit bureaus to clear the Debt Review flag from your name, prepare for the short wait, then pull your free credit report to check that it was in fact removed. Note that only the first credit report you pull each year is free, and thereafter you will be charged. If you realize there is a delay, you can reach out to us for professional assistance.

Sometimes the issue is a simple admin mishap that lies with the credit bureau, or else the Debt Counsellor may not have initiated the process correctly. Whatever the reason, Clear Me Now approaches each case with the clear intention of removing the Debt Review status from your name as a South African. We will oversee all the steps necessary according to the National Credit Act (NCA) guidelines, helping you to get your financial status where it should be.

Usually, the removal process does not require any intervention or action by you, as the responsibility lies between your Debt Review Counsellor, creditors and the credit bureaus. As long as your debts are fully repaid, you paid the fees due to your Debt Counsellor, and you are not behind on your mortgage payments, you’ve followed all the correct steps in your own capacity.

Contact Clear Me Now today to get started. Our expert team can ensure that the Debt Review Flag is removed from your name so that you can return to your life.

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