Removal from Debt Review

Once you’ve been through the process of restoring your finances through Debt Review, new doors of possibility open and you can begin making decisions that reflect that. With the removal of Debt Review from your name, you’re free to re-enter the credit market and have the chance to steadily improve your credit score over time. Our services at Clear Me Now are available to anyone struggling to get their name cleared.

If you’re uncertain of your current credit score and want to confirm that your credit report is accurate, request your free credit report (available once a year) from one of the credit bureaus, like TransUnion or Experian. For the Removal of Debt Review, our team first attain your Debt Review Clearance Certificate – we do this legally, after proving that you’re not indebted. In some cases, we get the courts involved through an application to declare that you’re free of debt. Once the court approves this, the outcome prompts credit bureaus to correctly update your profile.

Moving on after Debt Review should not be complicated. If you are struggling with a debt review flag removal and have not been issued your Debt Review Clearance Certificate, don’t just accept that things will improve. Your status could remain unchanged if you do not raise your issues correctly. You cannot dispute information you do not have, so staying on top of your credit status is important. As long as you have paid your debts fully, paid the fees due to your Debt Counsellor, and are up to date on your mortgage instalments (if relevant), Clear Me Now can help with your Removal from Debt Review.

According to the National Credit Act, everyone is entitled to fair access to consumer credit, while those who have overcome their debts should be allowed to rebuild their credit score. When it comes to the Removal of Debt Review, we take our work very seriously to ensure that you can enjoy the freedom that comes with clearing your debts. After all, you’ve taken all the steps to clear your debt and should be able to enjoy the benefits that come afterwards. Our industry expertise and experience give Clear Me Now the ability to improve your situation and better your life.

Clear Me Now can play a significant role in your journey to restoring your credit report. We make sure that you are granted ITC Clearance and can attain your ITC Clearance report. Our team also fast track your dispute for Removal from Debt Review, and will serve to represent your best interests every step of the way.

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