Removal of Debt Review

As a credit-active consumer who’s gone through Debt Review to overcome setbacks, the objective of improving your credit score would have been one of the main driving factors. If you’ve struggled with affordability in the past, managing your future finances is all the more important. Are you struggling with the Removal of Debt Review? Let Clear Me Now assist you!

There are important considerations when it comes to the removal of Debt Review from your name. Have you completed the process successfully, by repaying everything according to the plan your Debt Counsellor provided? Did you pay the full fees to your Debt Counsellor for their services rendered? And lastly, if you are a property owner, are your mortgage payments up to date? If your answers are all yes, you should not have an issue receiving your Debt Review Clearance Certificate.

Once you are granted your Debt Clearance Certificate, you’re able to apply for credit again. Keep in mind that it takes about a month for the credit bureaus to update their records and remove the Debt Review flag from your profile. At the same time, default listings and judgements should also be removed. There will be certain creditors who still require your credit score to improve before lending you money or opening accounts for you. After the Removal of Debt Review, your credit score usually improves within 3 months.

At Clear Me Now, we advise individuals recently out of Debt Review to wait a month before checking their credit report, to see if it’s been updated. If there seem to be delays after a reasonable timeframe, we can follow up with the credit bureaus on your behalf, fast-tracking the Removal of Debt Review. It’s a significant achievement to overcome your debt issues, and with a clear credit report comes the opportunity to apply for housing or vehicle finance and start making a comfortable life for you and your family.

Our team has the industry insight to ensure the Removal of Debt Review from your profile, which gives you more flexibility and freedom in your financial capacity. We can help you get your ITC Clearance Certificate, have negative listings and the Debt Review flag removed from your name, and ensure that you’re perfectly positioned for your credit score to restore itself in good time.

Let our Clear Me Now team clear your name legally, fairly, and without delay. After putting in all the work to overcome your debt problems, you can finally start to enjoy the new life you’ve worked towards. Let’s get started with the successful Removal of Debt Review from your credit profile.

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